#WITCHWEEK :: How to Tell If Someone Is a Witch

It is officially #WITCHWEEK here on Too Into It, and we thought the first thing to get out of the way is a good old fashioned Witch Hunt. Check out a couple of our tips in determining if you or someone you know is a witch! If you do come to the conclusion that someone IS a witch, don't go burning anyone at the stake just yet. Witches are welcome and celebrated here at Too Into It! If you are NOT a witch and would like to be, just be sure to check out all of our cool posts during #WITCHWEEK, including Brian Black's Top 13 Witch Movies, which was posted yesterday.

1. Devil's Mark

One easy way to identify a witch is if they have an unusual mark on their body, which they supposedly receive to signify their pact with the devil. This mark can literally be anything, from something simple, like a mole, a scar, or a birthmark, to something a little less common, like a strange tattoo,  an extra nipple or the token witch's wart. (I think we're all pretty screwed on this one.)

2. Familiars

It is pretty well known that every witch needs their familiar. A dog, a cat, a crow--anything goes, as a familiar is simply an animal that the witch can communicate with and use to do their bidding. Think of something along the lines of Merlin's owl Archimedes, or the All Witches Have Cats trope. I have two clingy cats that follow me around my apartment, so that's probably a red flag right there.

3. Floats on Water

One way they used to determine if a person was a witch was to throw them into a body of water. If they were a witch, they would float, and if they were not, they would sink. This always seemed really silly to me because it leaves you with either a drowning human, or a free witch that could just float away. I don't think they really thought this one through.

4. Flies Through the Air

Everyone knows that witches can fly! But, they may just be trippin'. If you see the person you suspect to be a witch flying on a broomstick over the full moon, I think it's safe to say your suspicions are correct. However, when these myths began circulating during the middle ages, it was likely due to the ointments and potions that witches ingested during their spiritual rituals that helped them meditate, or astral project

5. Shapeshifting

Like many other supernatural beings, witches are documented as being able to shapeshift at will. They usually means that they can turn into an animal or beast of some sort, however I don't see why transformation into different humans would be any different. One good way to determine whether you suspect is a witch and not a werewolf or vampire would be that this shape shifting ability should be possible by way of magic spells and talismans, not by natural ability.