Top 5 Fictitious Schools I Wish I Went To (In Theory)

Have you ever secretly wished that your school was like the ones you see on TV or in the movies? The lives of the characters always seem so much more exciting than your own, whether it's because of some intense drama or impending apocalyptic doom. However, if you really think about it, a lot of these schools would probably be pretty awful to be a student at in real life, due to said drama and doom. But, a girl can dream, can't she?

5. Degrassi Junior High/High

So many friends, but so many problems. I was a preteen when they released The Next Gen (the OTHER The Next Gen), and I watched this ridiculous show well into early adulthood. Now, I don't know much about Canada, but Degrassi Junior High and High School seemed a lot different than any schools I went to growing up. I mean, sure, everybody struggles with or knows someone in their life who struggles with depression, eating disorders, sexual identity, abusive parents, bullying, self harm, low self esteem, sexual abuse, drugs, etc. But these poor kids really seemed to have a lot of shit happen to them all at once, considering how small the focus is when you really look at it. I always assumed Canda was a pretty safe place, not somewhere Drake would get shot by that son of a bitch who abused Terry (what ever happened to her anyway? Did she even wake up from that coma?!). Truthfully, despite all of the terrible things the kids went through at Degrassi, it seemed that they knew that if they held out, they knew they could make it through.

4. Springfield Elementary

This wildly underfunded, below average elementary school is swimming with bullies, irresponsible faculty, and poor test scores. The teachers are always smoking and drinking while on the job, Principal Skinner is incompetent and constantly trying to exploit the school genius, Lisa Simpson. Bus Driver Otto is constantly putting the children in danger by being continuously stoned and driving without a license. Groundskeeper Willie is quick to screaming anger and lives in a shack on campus. Lunch Lady Doris is forced to serve milk substitute "Malk" and Grade F meat.'s Springfield! Who wouldn't love to get into hijinks with Bart Simpson, the loveable misfit?

3. Greendale Community College

Who wouldn't want to go to a ridiculous school like this? I went to Community College, and I can tell you, it was nothing near as fun as Greendale. With the flamboyant, wardrobe changing Dean Pelton, or the infamously over the top Greendale Seven (the study group), it's amazing that anyone gets any work done--even if their classes are things like "Ladders 101" or "Math!!!". I would love to have all Paintball Competitions and Pop, Lock & Drop A Thons,  however it seems that everyone outside of the Study Group is either constantly annoyed with their self absorbed antics, or desperately trying to become one of them.

2. Sunnydale High

Sure, the campus of this Californian high school was built literally on top of the mouth of hell, but there are a lot of reasons it would have been awesome to go here. Sexy British librarian with extensive Occult book collection?  Check. Easy accessibility to gateway magic like other public schools have drugs? Check. Awesome group of students and faculty led by the Slayer literally always saving the world? Check. It's true, while Buffy was a student there, the student mortality rate was the lowest in Sunnydale history. That is until it and the rest of the town got blow off the face of the earth, so...You really can never go back, can you? :(

1. Hogwarts

No brainer here. Unlike Sunnydale, where the accessibility to magic is liken to recreational drugs circulating the halls, magic at Hogwarts is the damn curriculum. Everybody has thought about how cool it would be to get a letter from Hogwarts revealing to you that yer actually a wizard, and get to go to a mysterious school to learn how to do magic. Sure, throughout the Harry Potter series, there's a huge war going on that leads to corruption and a lot of death, but if you went to Hogwarts any other time, you'd be just fine (probably)!