We're kick starting #SLASHERWEEK here at Too Into It with the ultra meta slasher franchise Scream, created by Kevin Williamson and Wes Craven. The killer of the series actually changes from movie to movie, but is always portrayed using the "Ghostface" costume used in the first film. This franchise, particularly the first film, is often said to have revived the horror genre in the 1990s, and uses humor to relate to the audience, who, like many of the characters in the film, have seen one too many scary movies. We thought that Scream would be the best way to kick off #SLASHERWEEK, due to it's highly cliche and troppe ridden plot design that is 100% aware of itself.


  • Scream was originally titled "Scary Movie" (for obvious reasons), but was later changed. Appropriately, that title was later used for the parody franchise Scary Movie in 2000.

  • The "GhostFace" mask is owned by the company "Fun World", who originally produced the Halloween costume under the name "The Peanut Eyed Ghost" in 1991.  While scouting for the film, producer Marianne Maddalena discovered the costume and Wes Craven eventually got the rights to use it in the film, dramatically boosting sales of the product.

  • Whenever you see Drew Barrymore or Neve Campbell talking on the phone to the killer, they are actually talking to him. They actually didn't even meet "The Voice" Roger Jackson) until after shooting the film.

Remember to check out our post for the #SLASHERDRINKINGGAME , a base set of rules that apply to all Slasher films featured. Here are a couple of bonus rules for this film specifically:

Bonus Rules:

1. Anytime Stu walks out of a room backwards.


3.Anytime someone insults Dewey.