Today for #SLASHERWEEK we are watching the 2003 French film High Tension (aka Haute Tension or Switchblade Romance), written and directed by  Alexandre Aja. This film is the only one in our series that is actually NOT a multi film franchise and just a stand alone slasher. It is also the most modern film on the list, and the only film not originally from the United States. This film is about two female students who are staying with one of their families in the country, when in the middle of the night a stranger arrives at the door and starts a killing spree.

Did You Know?

  • If you'e watching the DVD release, you'll see a shot where blood splatters and actually hits the screen. This was apparently an accident, but the director loved it so much it made it into the film.
  • The big twist in the movie (no spoilers) was actually supposed to be revealed in the very last five minutes of the film, however was changed to be discovered by the audience much earlier.

Along with the rules for our #SLASHERDRINKINGGAME , a base set of rules that apply to all Slasher films featured, here are a couple additional rules for this film specifically:

  1.  Lesbian tension.
  2. Have a shot when you find out the BIG TWIST!