What better way to end #SLASHERWEEK during our Halloween celebration here at Too Into It than with the classic John Carpenter film Halloween?! This film is about Michael Myers, a child who murders his parents on Halloween night, grows up in an insane asylum, and escapes in order to finish the job by killing his baby sister, now a teenager.

Did You Know?

  • John Carpenter hired Jamie Lee Curtis to star in the original film to pay tribute to Hitchcock, who casted Curtis' mother, Janet Leigh, in the classic Psycho (1960).
  • The mask Michael Myers wears is actually just a William Shatner Star Trek mask spray painted white with the hair teased out.
  • The original script was called "The Babysitter Murders" and was supposed to take place over several days. Due to budget costs they decided to have it take place all on one night, and chose Halloween because of that.

Remember to check out the rules for our #SLASHERDRINKINGGAME , a base set of rules that apply to all Slasher films featured. Here are a couple additional rules for this film specifically:

  2. Loomis goes on and on about how dangerous Michael Myers is.
  3. Anytime you see a jack o lantern.