TGIF. It may not be the 13th, but it is the only Friday of  #SLASHERWEEK, and what better time to watch a film in the bloody Friday the 13th series? The original film (1980) was directed by Sean S. Cunningham and written by Victor Miller, and follows a group of teenage camp counselors are trying to reopen a summer camp after a child drowned there. Basically, they don't know that they're in a horror movie and do everything wrong and all get hacked to bits.

Did You Know?

  •  Victor Miller admits to writing this film purely in attempt to ride off of success of Halloween, which was made 2 years earlier.
  •  Composer Harry Manfredini created the theme song by "ki, ki, ki, ma, ma ma" into a microphone. It is supposed to resemble the words "kill, kill, kill, mom, mom, mom".

Remember to check out our post for the #SLASHERDRINKINGGAME , a base set of rules that apply to all Slasher films featured. Here are a couple to add if you're watching this series:

  2. You see Jason's real face.