Based on the H.P. Lovecraft story "Hebert West: Re-Animator", this 1985 horror comedy  turned cult classic. It follows Herbert West, a medical doctor whose apprenticeship in Switzerland is cut short when he is caught bringing his dead professor back to life. He comes to New England in order to continue his studies, moves in with a fellow classmate, Dan. Herbert takes over the basement to test out his neon green reanimating serum on Dan's girlfriend's cat, and eventually human beings. This film is one of my personal favorite zombie movies, it's hilarious and gorey and just a lot of fun.


Dead Alive


Co written and directed by Peter Jackson (yes, THAT Peter Jackson), Dead Alive (originally titled Brain Dead) is a New Zealand horror comedy from 1992. It is considered by many to be the "goriest film of all time", using more than 300 liters of fake blood in the final scene alone. The film follows a "Sumatran Rat Monkey" who gets captured from the wild and put into a New Zealand zoo. One day a man named Lionel goes to the zoo with his love interest, Paquita. Lionel's overbearing mother, Vera, follows and spies on the couple, eventually getting bit by the creature. This results in her becoming a bloodthirsty zombie, infecting seemingly the entire town. Lionel and Paquita have to save each other, and the ending in a spectacle of zombie killing madness, where Lionel has to finally stand up to his now seemingly invincible undead mother. This is one of the bloodiest and funnest zombie films out there, and it is amazing to watch with a group of people.