#MONSTERWEEK :: How to Protect Yourself from a Werewolf

With all this talk of monsters going bump in the night, and in preparation for our Werewolf Double Feature tonight, we thought we would go over some tips you can use in order to protect yourself during this Full Moon. (Fair warning: Everything talked about in this article, and on this subject in general, is for entertainment purposes only. Too Into It in no way encourages to actual use  or validityof any of the tips below.)


The best way to avoid being near a werewolf after it transforms is to know who they are in human form. Luckily, there are a couple of ways of telling if someone is a werewolf or not: if a person sleeps all through the day during a Full Moon, they may be a werewolf. If their three middle fingers are all the same length, or if they have hairy palms, they may be a werewolf. There are also stories of werewolves all have something called the "devil's mark" on them, usually somewhere that can be hidden under clothes, so you may have to be close and personal with your subject to check this one.


Everyone knows that unlike the intelligent vampire, bound by rules like invitations into houses, a werewolf is a primal animal that will tear down walls if it must to feed. However, you can use this primitive nature to your advantage by not giving a werewolf the ability to get close to you. It will always go after easy prey before it will pick your house out of a lot and demand entrance. Stay inside during the full moon, lock your doors and windows, and have your weapons ready.


The number one, sure fire way to kill a werewolf is by a silver bullet. The silver is key here, but although you could use a blade or anything really of the same material, the beauty of firing a silver bullet is the distance between yourself and the creature. There are some myths that claim that a werewolf can be killed by driving a wooden stake through it's heart, but I wouldn't risk it unless absolutely necessary.


If you or someone you know may be transforming into a werewolf, there are some potions you can use that may be able to stop it. Basically if you got bit by a werewolf and you lived, you're going to turn into one yourself. Wolfsbane is said to stop the transformation process, so you'd have to use it every Full Moon; while Monkshood is said to cure the disease all together.

I hope you found this helpful and informative and will join us later this evening for our WEREWOLF DOUBLE FEATURE of Ginger Snaps and Silver Bullet. Stay safe during this Full Moon!