#MONSTERWEEK :: Munster's 50th Anniversary

In honor of the 50th anniversary of the classic television show "The Munsters", we decided to create a post in 


Every time Spot is mentioned 
Everytime someone figures out The Munsters are monsters 
Everytime someone comments on Marilyn's unusual look or affliction
Everytime the raven in side the clock goes off/cuckoo clock 
Everytime it's raining 
Everytime the exterior of the house is shown 
Paranormal activity; something moves by itself 
Everytime Lily is cooking 
Everytime Lily and Herman kiss 
Everytime fake  bats are shown 
Everytime someone says The Munsters 
Everytime you hear wolf howl
Everytime Grandpa turns into a bat 
Whenever someone is really scared of The Munsters/ runs away from them 

Take a shot...

-Someone drinks a potion 
-Celebrity guest star 
-Herman's signature laugh