#MONSTERWEEK :: A Tribute to "Thriller"

"Thriller" is the chart topping 1983 pop song turned iconic 14 minute music video by the late and great Michael Jackson. Directed by John Landis (An American Werewolf in London), co written by Jackson and Landis, and choreographed by Michael Peters, the video is considered to be the most successful video of all time.

The video stars Michael Jackson opposite Ola Ray in a dream within a dream style plot, starting with them playing a couple from the 1950s out walking when Jackson turns into a werewolf. This turns out to be a movie that the "present day" couple is watching, until Ray runs out of the theater scared. This is when the music starts and Jackson starts singing the lyrics of "Thriller" to her. Zombies start crawling out of their graves as they run scared, with the spoken word piece is read by the legendary horror star Vincent Price. An extended version of this piece can be heard below from his recording with Michael Jackson himself:

Continuing in the music video, Jackson becomes a zombie himself, and the now iconic choreographed dance with him and the other zombies is performed. They chase Ray into a nearby house, and just as they approach her menacingly, she wakes up from what appears to be her nightmare, to Jackson in his human form again, offering her a ride home. As they walk from the frame, he turns to the camera and smiles frighteningly as his eyes glow an devilish yellow, just like the werewolf in the first segment of the film. 

"Thriller" is considered by many to be the greatest music video of all time, the greatest Halloween song of all time, and responsible for the rise of film like music videos that are now common practice. This classic, now settled in a lawsuit between Director John Landis and the late Jackson's estate, is set to hit the big screen in 2016 as a 3D film.