#GHOSTWEEK :: The Whaley House

Mad from life’s history,
Swift to death’s mystery;
Glad to be hurled,
Anywhere, anywhere, out of this world.
— Thomas Hood, quoted by Violet Whaley, in her suicide note (1885)

If you live near the San Diego area and are a believer in ghosts, I highly recommend that you check out The Whaley House in Old Town. It is considered the "Most Haunted House in America" by the Travel Channel and has had countless articles, studies, and reports done about it's historic and paranormal validity. Built in 1857, The Whaley House & Grounds have been a courthouse, general store, community theater, and home to Thomas and Anna Whaley. To the left you will see a picture of Mrs. Whaley that is hanging in the house.

According to the Whaley House website,

"Oral tradition states that the Whaley family believed the house to be haunted by Yankee Jim Robinson, the man Thomas Whaley watched hang on the property before the house was built. Some believe that the spirit of Violet Whaley, who committed suicide here in 1885, haunts the house. Mr. and Mrs. Whaley are both believed to haunt the house, perhaps because their daughter Violet is still here. Another spirit believed to inhabit the home is that of Marion Reynolds, Thomas and Anna Whaley's great-granddaughter, who died tragically in Oceanside, CA in 1912 but had lived most of her young life in the Whaley House. "

In preparation for #GHOSTWEEK here at Too Into It, I recently went to The Whaley House during an evening tour with a couple of my close friends (all photos on this page credited to Brian Black). The tour is really interesting and informative, it is not the kind of place where things will pop out at you or anything, it is a historic landmark that happens to be inhabited by spirits from past years. You may or may not experience a paranormal phenomenon while there, so don't assume something crazy will happen. Take a lot of pictures though, that seems to be the most likely way to catch a glimpse of one of the ghosts.

 See the figure in the center of the photograph? 

See the figure in the center of the photograph? 

Of all the photos we took that night, only one seemed to come out with anything strange in it, however it is clear as day.To the left you will see that photo. It was taken in the courtroom of the Whaley House on October 3rd, 2014. You will see a bright translucent figure in the center of the courtroom that seems to be about the size of a grown adult. Absolutely nothing has been done to this photo, it is in it's completely original condition.

The Whaley House stands at 2476 San Diego Avenue, San Diego CA 92110. Their phone number is (619) 297-7511. Their official website is whaleyhouse.org