#GHOSTWEEK :: Is Your House Haunted?

With all this talk of poltergeists and spirits of times long passed, I couldn't help but think that some of you out there may be thinking if your own house is being haunted. And if it is, what can you do about it? Check out some alleged signs that there are ghosts in your house, and tips on how to deal, below:


Signs That Your House MAY BE Haunted:

  • Unexplained noises. (Tapping, knocking, banging, scratching: basically things literally going BUMP in the night.)
  • Unexplained smells. (Sulfur? Rotten eggs? Even a strong hint of perfume that no one is wearing.)
  • Doors or cabinets opening and closing. (You leave the kitchen neat and clean, and when you come back all the cupboards and drawers are open? Ah hell no.)
  • Animals acting strange: barking/hissing to specific spots in the room, etc. (They're always the first to know, you know.)
  • Cold and hot spots. (If there isn't an open window/vent or candle causing the temperature change, and you may have a  ghost on your hands.)
  • Items disappearing and reappearing. (If you're absent minded, this one may be hard to claim.)
  • Touching. (Do you feel someone brush past you, or a hint of breath on the back of your neck? Spooky.)
  • Levitating objects. (I feel like at this point you should probably be not be surfing the internet and maybe trying to find Sam and Dean ASAP.)

What to Do if Your House IS Haunted:

  • Burn that sage. (The ancient method of burning sage is often used to dispel negativity or get rid of malevolent spirits. Check out your local new age shop for some.
  • Do your research. (Ask neighbors if they know anything about the past residents, or pay to get a report from DiedinHouse.com to know for sure if there was ever a death in your home.)
  • Hold a seance. (Don't know where to start? Well don't worry, for #GHOSTWEEK we are going to have a How To Have a Seance post up really soon!)
  • Hire a professional. (Paranormal investigators can check out your house with all their cool ghost devices and let you know what you're dealing with. If you're more of the spiritual or religious type, you may want to hire someone who you believe will take care of matters in their own way.)
  • Learn to live with them! (I know plenty of people who live in houses where they experience a small degree of paranormal phenomenon, and they're totally fine with it. If your ghostly friends are just that, friendly,  there's no reason why you can't be roommates.)