#GHOSTWEEK :: Ghost Superstitions for Halloween

Do you believe in ghosts? It seems that even the most skeptical people allow for some superstition come Halloween time. And for good reason-- it has long been said that Halloween is the day of the year where the veil between our world and the spirit world is the thinnest. So if you're embracing the ghouls and ghosts this October 31st, why not check out some of these common Halloween superstitions and omens involving those in the Spirit World?


  • Jack 'o' lanterns (though originally turnips instead of pumpkins) were created in order to ward off malevolent spirits.

  • As an offering to wandering spirits this Halloween, you can bury a whole apple along the side of the road, or carry a piece of bread in your pocket.

  • Be sure not to squish a spider on Halloween-- it is said that the spirits of our loved ones appear to us as spiders on this day.

  • If you see a bat flying in or around your house on Halloween, that means it's haunted.

  • Do not look into your shadow in the moonlight on Halloween, or you will become a ghost before the next one.

  • If you stand at a crossroads on Halloween and are still and quiet, the winds will hold the voices of spirits, who will tell you important secrets.

  • It is said that a person born on Halloween will have an impeccable ability to commune with spirits.

  • To ward off evil spirits on Halloween, you can walk around your entire house backwards, and counterclockwise, before sunset. (Phew.)

  • To protect your family against malevolent spirits, leave an extra plate of dinner on the windowsill. Your ancestral spirits will come to the offering and protect you.