DIY Cold Brew Coffee

If you're rushing out the door early in the morning to make it to class, you may want to try adding cold brew coffee to your daily routine. Now, this may not work for you if you live in a colder environment, but if you live somewhere where it's still warm out--our you just like you're coffee cold--this stuff is delicious. And very easy to prepare!

See, the trick to Cold Brew Coffee is that you make it the night before, and then just pour yourself a cup as you're heading out the door. No fuss, no muss. The perks of drinking cold brew are real too, not only is it less acidic than traditionally brewed coffee, but it also has more caffeine!

What You Need

  • coffee beans
  • coffee grinder
  • fresh water
  • french press
  • whatever you put into your coffee (cream, milk, sugar, etc.)

What You Do

  1. Using your grinder, coarsely grind about 3/4 cup of coffee beans. 
  2. Pour the coffee beans into your french press, and add enough fresh water to fill it up, leaving space for the top to fit on (should be about 4 cups for a standard sized press).
  3. Stick it into the fridge and wait. Like, overnight. Go to sleep.
  4. Wake up, and press the coffee in the french press (:D), and get pouring! 

You can repeat the process everyday if you're sharing with someone or are a caffeine addict, or keep it stored in the fridge strained into a glass bottle. 

Note: If you don't have a french press, or want to try this out before you invest in one, you can you any container with a lid to steep the coffee and just strain it using a mesh strainer. It's a little less convenient, but it's totally doable.