Dessert Sushi for #tapastuesday

This month for #TapasTuesday, we decided to try something a little different from our usual dishes.  In memoriam of our favorite sugary snacks we begged our parents to pack in our school lunches (or begged the other kids at the lunch table to trade), we made Dessert Sushi!


I was shocked at how easy these were to assemble, and how beautiful they turned out. I had heard or "dessert sushi" years ago, and any simple google search will result in dozens of photos depicting various different approaches--from sliced twinkies topped with gummy candy to professionally made cake creations. 

Out of all the options out there, I decided to go with ingredients that best suited out "Back to School" theme this month, meaning which included:


• Rice Krispie Treats

• Fruit Roll Ups

• Fruit By The Foot

• Gushers

• Swedish Fish

These adorable little snacks are really fun to make and taste surprisingly delicious, so they're a great treat to make with kids. It's a creative way to allow them to eat this junk, instead of how we used to just shovel it into our mouths like barbarians. 


We made three different types of sushi:


Cut Rolls,

and Hand Rolls.

The Nigiri style pieces are by far the easiest to assemble. I just cut a Rice Krispie Treat in half long ways, place a Swedish Fish on top, and wrap a cut slice of Fruit By The Foot around it. That's it! 

The Cut Rolls are something you're going to want to play around with. I suggest sticking the Fruit Roll Ups in the freezer for a few before trying to unwrap them, or else they're near impossible to unravel without tearing. Even then, do it very carefully. If you do tear anything, don't worry, I'll let you know what to do with that later.


After you unravel the Fruit Roll Up, you're going to want to flatten a Rice Krispie Treat using a cup, bottle, or rolling pin. Place that atop the Roll Up. Next, you can get a little creative. You can put strips of Fruit By The Foot, some Swedish Fish, or even Gushers. Don't overfill, because you want to make sure they stick together once rolled. Once you've adding you're filling, all you have to do it roll it up! Now, you're going to want to play around with different sizes by adding extra Rice Krispie, or using two Fruit Roll Ups stuck together to lengthen rolling space. 

Finally, the Hand Rolls. These are fun to save for last because it's easy to use the torn Fruit Roll Ups and scraps of Fruit by the Foot. and extra Swedish Fish. You just place a bit of flattened Rice Krispie on top of the Fruit Roll Up, Put the scraps of fillings on top of that, and roll it into an ice cream cone shape. 

Now, set up your rolls onto serving plates, add a few gushers for garnish, and serve with chopsticks.