Featured Poet : Camron R. aka loveemonster

Today I wanted to share some amazing poetry from a awesome writer I have been following for awhile. Camron R., aka @loveemonster was kind enough to let me share some of his work today, poems in text form as well as a few in graphics he made himself. But first, I wanted to get to know this poet I have grown to adore a little better.

Camron, going on 20 this June, was born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and is a painter as well as a writer. He is about to achieve his much awaited cosmetology license (and put it to good use), and also has plans on pursuing a degree in fine arts this year. 

"Writing is as important to me as painting and taking care of people’s hair, they’re all forms of artistic expression and that’s truly something that drives my existence. The fact that I can make a living off of some of that is wonderful, but I mostly do all of the above because it makes me happy—when I’m not creating, I’m not happy."

Inspired by his English teacher, Camron began writing in seventh grade while part of a month long project called Java Joes. His teacher had students create a collection of poems (varying in style and type) over this time, and then at the end they got together to share them for three days straight, over coffee and food.

"She also shared her poetry journal with us, it was several years old and some of her poems had little doodles or sketches with them. I thought all of it was beautiful in the purest sense of the word. I worked hard on that project because of how hard she worked on getting that together, and by the end of it, I found a new love for writing."

Beginning his writing tumblr in late 2008, Camron began to share his work on a larger scale after his early followers encouraged him to tag his posts, and has since even been featured by the #poetry editors a few times on the site. This was the beginning of the long and beautiful relationship many writers (on tumblr and otherwise) have with their readers, a two way friendship for both the follower and followed:

"I've gotten great advice from other writers which helps me to improve on the technical end of writing, and I've gotten life advice from people who share similar experiences to what I've written about. My followers actually helped me get out of a severe depression I was going through a while back, I could never express to fullest the gratitude I have for that."

Camron has a genuine talent that has caused me to consistently seek out his latest poems in the massive sea that is #poetry for quite some time now. The imagery, cadence, syntax, and even subject matter (that I can often only assume through how much I relate to each) has such a distinct and expressive feel, giving all of his pieces similarities, yet never holding back his obvious ability to take you into another aspect of himself. If you like what you read below, I highly suggest you visit his blog and follow him asap. I am constantly surprised and impressed by his ability to write more lovely and expansive pieces again and again. 

Thank you Camron.

Between the Eyes
Gun shot like daisy’s bloom,
Bam! The power, the vibrance,
Of blood that shares the very
Consistency of water; dripping
And running in streams that’ll
Collect and dry out, disappear.

 Credit: Camron R. 

Credit: Camron R. 

Fingerprints on the passenger window
I see you through the sun and moonlight,
I don't fear your shadow.
I’ll place my fingers to the mark
Of a warm boy, afraid of being a man in
Love with another man.

 Credit: Camron R.

Credit: Camron R.

An array of ephemeral things

Like the band-aid bubble gum
Made in the 90s, or even that
Decade itself—We find it hard
To conceive such an overly
Sickish woe could manifest.

We’re getting older, mellifluous
When were at the brink of the
Last drop. We’re sucking on
Limes and taking shots to quell
The impulsive and oft rashness
Of our nightmare-stained minds.

I saw my father push my dependant
Mother into the boudoir at age four.
And my closest friend can recall his
Mother’s extra work begging him for
Quick fucks whenever she was out
Getting groceries for their dinner.

So what? We’re on our way
To Las Vegas, we’re on our
Way to a blackout night—we
Say we’ll find ourselves two
Hands and some sumptuous
Sheets—sleep off the decade.

 Credit: Camron R. 

Credit: Camron R. 

Drunk glory 
Breed love and 
Laughter for a
Little while,
And after.

All poems and quotes found on this page are from Camron R. Visit his blog at http://loveemonster.tumblr.com.

xo Jess