Trouble Drinking Game

For some reason, while awake and drinking at 2AM one night, my boyfriend and I decided to grab “Trouble” from my closet of games, mostly because we wanted to play a board game and that was one of the only ones we could play with only two people (he won’t play Simpsons Trivia with me because I’ll destroy him).

I don’t even know how I have the game (I believe it was a gift given to my sister), since I haven’t played it since I was a kid. When we took it out of the box, I immediately noticed differences between the board I remember from childhood and the one that laid before me. It looks a lot more swanky now, while also more minimalist. It does, however, still have that glorious dome that holds the die in the center of the board: the obnoxious pop-o-matic.

It only took a couple of good tries to realize that the simple game gets a lot more difficult the more drunk you get, and quickly our attempts at strategic planning got lost (well, mostly his). Honestly, it just isn't very fun with only two players. So that was that, he vowed his vengeance, and the next time we sat down to play a game (this time with my sister Sarah and her boyfriend), we decided on Trouble! Only this time, we were going to take things up a notch.

Object: Get all of your pegs into your Finish zone first (through malicious scheming and then likely forgetting what it is that you were scheming).


  • Everybody starts out with one of their four pegs on Start, and the rest in Home.
  • On your turn, pop the pop-o-matic to determine your fate:

            Roll a 1, you can’t move, but every other player can move a peg from Home to Start.

            Roll a 2-5 and you get to move any one of your pegs that number of spaces.

            Roll a 6, and you get to either move one of your pegs that number of spaces and pop                                    again OR move one of your pegs from Home to Start and pop again.

  • The only way you can take a peg out of Home is from rolling a 6 or someone else rolling a 1.
  • If you already have a peg on Start, you cannot move another peg out of Home.
  • If you land on someone else’s peg, they get sent back to their Home.
  • You cannot land on your own pegs.
  • There are four “Warp Zone” spaces on the board that when landed on will take you to the other side of the board.
  • There are four “Double Trouble” spaces that when landed on will allow you to roll again.

Drinking Rules:

  • Take a drink every time someone else rolls a one.
  • Take a drink every time you roll a six.
  • Take a drink every time you enter a “Warp Zone”.
  • Take a drink every time you land on a “Double Trouble” space.
  • Take a drink every time one of your pegs sent back to Home.

All in all, it was a fun time to be had. I highly suggest playing with four people, since the more pegs on the board mean more chances of things happening. More things happening, means more drinks.

Try it out if you have this game hiding in your closet somewhere (bonus points if you have an old school version!), and let me know how you enjoyed it!

xo Jess